Bill Muter

Bill Muter - Multi-instrumentalist, Author, Clinician



ˈtɑpləs ɪn ˈtoʊkiˌoʊ

The latest thriller historical biographical melodramatic pop-fiction novel / music album written by musician, producer, teacher and best selling author Bill Muter

Is it a book or a music album? Yes! It is both. Topless in Tokyo is the first of its kind. It is the ultimate liner notes. It is the stories behind the music.

Topless in Tokyo features 11 chapters and 11 original songs in a paperback book.

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This is a limited time only pre-sale price! You will also receive an instant download of two songs from the album and sheet music for both. The paperback book ships on 3/25 and included in the book is a download code for the entire album.

(Mature Content Warning - Contains some adult language, violence and sexual references)

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“Ipaja” from Topless in Tokyo