Bill Muter

Bill Muter - Arranger/Composer/Show Designer, Author, US Cultural Ambassador, Musician and Educational Consultant

Bill Muter with Shaun Martin and Robert 'Sput' Searight

GroundUP Music Festival - Bill Muter with Shaun Martin, Larnell Lewis, Mark Letteri, Caleb Sean, Jay Jennings, Drew Tucker, Claudens Louis and more

Bill Muter bass solo with Drew Tucker and The New Standard

Bill Muter tuba solo with Shaun Martin

Shaun Martin + Tubavisionary + Drew Tucker

Bill Muter with the James Francies Trio (James Francies and Jeremy Dutton)

Bill Muter with Drew Tucker & The New Standard LIVE

Shredding with Snoop Dogg bassist Robert Bubby Lewis

Bill Muter, Drew Tucker and Rajesh Bhandari

Bel Biv Devo's "Poison"...Arranged and performed by Bill Muter

Bill Muter and the Sharp Shooters

Bill Muter performs "CHANGE MY WORLD" on BalconyTV with multi-platinum artist Mani Hoffman

Bill Muter with Kevin Louis in New Orleans